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Smart Catalog

This extension calculates how much products are in the column depending on the screen resolution.

  • Responsive layout
    The layout of the catalog allows a varying number of products to be displayed per page depending on the size of the user's screen.
  • No paging.
    The user does not need to open new pages, as the products are displayed dynamically. New items for viewing are loaded automatically when scrolling down the page, so there is no paging function.
  • AJAX product loader
    The paging functionality was replaced with Ajax product loader. Additional products are loaded upon reaching the bottom of the page. You can choose between automatic page loading and on button click loading.
  • Configurable image size / column width
  • Set products per page on grid
  • Configurable toolbar information
    View "Sort by": Drop down / Single line. Stay on the page when changing the sort order: Yes/No. Ajax products loading: Disable (default paging enabled) / On button click / Automatic.
  • Display Short Description: Yes / No
  • Configurable displaying of selected category
    For example please see Test category.