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Bonus Extensions

This Magento template comes with a bonus

  • One Page Magento Checkout (you save $95)
    The fast lightweight and customizable checkout extension for your store.
  • Shipping Price Calculator (you save $30).
    With this useful Magento Extension you can now provide rates live on your store for different shipping methods with their associated costs.
  • Smart Catalog (you save $95).
    Smart Catalog is the first responsive configurable catalog with a toolbar for Magento.
  • Custom Magento Menu
    Informative top menu for Magento. Displays all subcategories at once.
  • Stylish Store Switcher
    This useful Magento extension displays stylish tabs instead of a select drop down. The language switcher might be displayed as a list of flags or a list of text tabs.
  • Back to Top button
    The 'back to top' button is a very popular tool now. Page is scrolled to top of the page with animation when you push the button.
  • LightBox2 by MageSpecialist
    LightBox2 is a fully customizable and ready-to-use extension to take control of your products' images.
  • EasyTabs
    We have applied unique LightShop style for EasyTabs Magento extensions.
  • AW blog
    We have applied unique LightShop style for AW blog Magento extensions.
  • ShareThis
    offers the most innovative sharing platform for today's social audience.

Smart Product Image Features

This extension calculates product image size depending on the screen resolution and special Magento settings.

  • Set image sizes for different screen resolutions

Color Changer

You can customize the color accents of the theme as needed. This will save you time and will automatically do things that would otherwise require a search for the code in the CSS files.

Theme color change

  • Set color accents
  • Set link hover color
  • Reset to default

Menu color change

  • Set menu background
  • Set popup style
  • Set menu button style / active menu button style
  • Custom menu font colors (menu button font color, menu button: hover, popup link 1/2/3 level, popup active link color )
  • Set custom css code
  • Reset to default